Who owns The Online Citizen

21 Oct

The Online Citizen  (TOC) is a socio-political website which serves as a community blog of Singaporeans. It endeavours to reflect the views and opinions of ordinary Singaporeans and welcomes contribution of articles from any Singaporean that has a view to share. The blog often carry anti-government sentiments.

On its Facebook page, TOC describes itself as “just a bunch of blogivists (bloggers + activists). Don’t shoot us!” Started in December 2006 as a community blog, the website soon gained popularity and attracted much attention from Singaporeans who were thirsty to find out news stories that were not covered by the mainstream media. The blog is run by ‘advocacy citizen journalists’ who aim to shed light and comment on national issues and happenings.

On January 10, 2011, the site was forced to register as a political association. The government asserted that the blog was gazetted because the editors of the website “organized polls on political issues and a forum for politicians, and mounted online and offline campaigns to change legislation and government policies.”

TOC acting chief editor is Joshua Chiang, 35. The website’s co-founders are Choo Zheng Xi, 25, and Andrew Loh, 43. Mr Loh left TOC in December 2010 and has recently launched a new socio-political website, Public House. Little has been said about the men behind the largely popular website. This is, however, not very surprising as the blog is afterall a platform for discussion and political thought for Singaporeans. The blog’s articles are not solely written by these men themselves. As the administrators of the website, they edit and upload the stories that Singaporeans write in onto TOC’s website.

It is however unclear who owns TOC.


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