Boosting Newspaper Circulation

21 Oct

Newspapers are said to be a dying breed and efforts need to be made to revive the industry. Things are, however, not as bleak as it seems, according to Communication Studies undergraduates.

Some 30 students from the Wee Kim Wee School of Communication in Nanyang Technological University said that the end is not inevitable as there are still various ways to woo readers to pick up a copy of the newspaper.

In a discussion which took place during their Online Journalism class this morning, the students discussed what media companies can do to attract more readers and hence improve circulation.

A few suggested focusing on growth, such as by using incentives like free gifts and competitions to draw readers. Ms Lim Yi Han, 22, said: “It might be useful if the newspaper company offered free gifts and subsciption promotions and discounts.”

The final-year journalism student added that such exclusive promotions could help increase subscription rates as people would feel “special” as subscibers.

Others pointed out that using events such as roadshows will go far in terms of publicizing and promoting the newspaper.

Some students also noted the importance of returning back to the basic – finding out what the reader wants and delivering it to them.

This can be achieved through research and focus groups, said final-year student Ms Lei Jiahui. 

The class concluded that the situation the newspapers are in is not as dire as it is painted to be, if the right methods are employed to boost its circulation. This, however, must be done fast to prevent the industry from spiriling to destruction.


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