Fullerton Hotel

7 Oct

The fourth group is featuring the Fullerton Hotel because of its architecutre and history. The group revealed that they would be looking into official information, news articles, reveiws and interviews. They are intending to go do some investigative journalism and question if the building has lost its original purpose.

Through their piece they would like to find out what Singaporeans feel about the hotel too and one of the question they are armed with is: Is the building a waste of space?

“Perhaps the building is nto selling anymore. Singaproe is developing so fast. Once an important piece of heritage is now typically seen as a clubbing and place of leisure,” said Angeli.

They are looking into using print, TV, radio and online mediums as a platform to showcase their news feature.

In their evaluation of their own topic, the group said that while the way of presenting this age old building is novel, they might however, face censorship and difficulties in assessing the place due to security reasons.



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